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Worship at St. Paul's, Sunday, August 13

Dear St. Paul's Family,

This Sunday, we start a new sermon series called, "The End of the World: A Study of 2 Thessalonians." Pastor Andrew opens up our series with a sermon that should interest all of us: "Five Questions About Hell" from 2 Thessalonians 1.
Parents Please Note: The Christian doctrine of hell is an important issue for understanding our need and God's love. However, this sermon will include some difficult topics (especially for young children). In light of this topic, we will be allowing children up to 6th grade to attend kid's church (during the 11:00 service) should parents prefer they not listen to the sermon.
This Sunday, Pastor Bob Yarbrough will be back. He will be teaching BETWEEN SERVICES IN THE MULTIPURPOSE ROOM this Sunday. His topic is, "Refreshing Your Passion for God's Word." We are collecting a love offering for Pastor Bob, so please feel free to make a contribution if you feel called.
Pastors Brian, Andrew and Mark prepared another BAM video, highlighting some of the things happening at St. Paul's. To view this 3 minute video, please click HERE.
August and September are the months we launch many of our Fall Ministries at St. Paul's. Please be aware of the following.
  1. Ministry Training Day is Saturday, August 26, from 9 to 12 noon. Ushers meet with Pastor Andrew from 9 to 10 a.m. Children's workers meet from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  2. Small Groups begin on September 17. Sign up available soon!
  3. Confirmation begins September 17. 7th and 8th graders welcome!
  4. Handbells start Wednesday, September 13. Praise ringers are looking for 3 new ringers. Call Lois Percival at 636-898-8528.
Also, the Harmony Festival is renting space at our church on August 19. Quartets and choruses will be singing all day, with Ambassadors of Harmony singing around 4:00. All are welcome: $10 entry ticket.
As always, lots going on at St. Paul's! I look forward to being with you on Sunday!
Pastor Mark Friz
Worship this Sunday 7-30-17 (Guest Missionary Jonathan Friz)

Dear Church Family,

Pastor Andrew will be preaching from 1 Samuel 6 as we look at the question "Who can stand before the Lord, this holy God?".
Jonathan Friz, one of St. Paul's missionaries, will present in both services. Please be on time to the 11:00 service so you do not miss him!
Rummage Sale collections will begin this weekend. Items should be dropped off in the Multipurpose room. Consider volunteering for this event sometime this week. Every hour is helpful! Also, we need strong backs to help setup tables this Sunday following the 11:00 worship service. A light lunch will be provided. 
I look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday!
Pastor Andrew Seley
St. Paul's Worship & Announcements - July 23, 2017
Hello church family!
Here's what's going on at St. Paul's...

1. Pastor Brian preaches on 1 Samuel 5, "Hot Potato & the Ark of God." Let's just say it doesn't work out too well when you try to put God in the temple of Philistine "god" Dagon.

2. King's Kid's Camp and Mission Trip Presentations are happening. The KKC presentation will be during the worship service, and the youth will give a report during the Sunday School hour in the multipurpose room on their trip to Middletown, Ohio.

3. The rummage sale is coming! On July 30, after 12:30 there is a light lunch and then help is needed. All volunteers are welcome, and Judy Pfeiffer especially requests strong young men to help with the heavy lifting. Donations are accepted beginning July 29. More information will be in the bulletin/green sheet.

4. Heads up! On August 13, Dr. Bob is returning to do a Sunday School series for us. "Refreshing your passion for God's word." Get this on your calendar in advance.

Stay cool, St. Paul's!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Brian
Worship on Sunday, July 16

Dear St. Paul's Family,

This coming Sunday, we continued our series from 1 Samuel. Pastor Mark will preach from 1 Samuel 4.  "Spiritual Storm Sirens" is the title of his message. We always want God to keep his promises regarding blessing, but in this passage, God keeps a promise to Eli about judgement. You might want to read this ahead of time and ask yourself the question, "Can you think of a time in your experience when God has acted both in judgment and in grace at the very same time?"
This weekend, there will be a lot of "coming and going." We have the youth returning from their Missions Trip, and the children getting ready to leave for King's Kids Camp. Let's keep all of our campers, both youth and children, in prayer.
Craig and LaDonna Smith, our Native American missionaries, will be speaking between services during the Sunday School hour. They will also sing a special musical arrangement of "God's Been Faithful" in both services.
Grace, mercy and peace to you!
Pastor Mark Friz
Worship this Sunday and the 4th of July concert!

Dear Church Family,

Join us this Sunday as we continue our study of 1 Samuel. Pastor Brian will be preaching on 1 Samuel 2:12-36. We also will be partaking of the Lord's Supper in both services. 
During the Sunday School hour we will continue our study of "Learning Evangelism from Jesus". Children 4 years old - 6th grade will gather in the Power Plant. 
Then plan on coming back Sunday evening, at 6:30 pm, to celebrate the 4th of July with a FREE concert by the Air National Guard Band of the Midwest Ensemble. It will be a wonderful night of music! 
In observance of the 4th of July holiday, the church office will be closed on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Should you have any emergencies you can contact me at 314-833-7969. 
Pastor Andrew Seley