Creve Coeur, MO  -  (314) 993-0015           Services @ 8:30 & 11 a.m.

I'm New - What to Expect

We are happy that you are considering a visit to St. Paul's this Sunday. We want to make your experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our prayer is that while you are here you will be able to have an encounter with the living God who is present among us. 

What to Wear

We want you to wear whatever makes you comfortable for worship! FYI, when you come to our church, you will see lots of different clothes on lots of different people. Some of our older members wear full suits and ties, while the younger generation may wear jeans and a T-shirt. What we can promise is that no one is judging you for how you dress!

Arrival and Parking

Our address is on the corner of Olive and Warson on the edge of Creve Couer and Olivette. You can drive in from the Warson entrance into the back parking lot (the northmost entrance). You will see "Guest Parking" clearly marked, and we hope you will take advantage of those spots. We also have adequate handicapped spaces.

Where to Go 

When you walk through the doors into our church, you will first encounter our greeters. They will give you a friendly handshake and are available to help if needed. On your right you will see donuts and coffee which are available free of charge. The sanctuary will be in clear view, up a short flight of stairs at the end of the hall. There you will find ushers handing out bulletins and giving you "service with a smile." 


If you have children ages 0-2 and would like to take advantage of our nursery, look for the half-flight of stairs down to the children's area at the far side of the room. At the bottom you can sign them in. We invite you to introduce yourself to the nursery workers and familiarize yourself with the environment. Our nursery workers (and everyone who works with kids) are very experienced and have gone through training and background checks.

Sunday School

If you arrive around 9:45, you will be here for our Sunday school hour. We have children's and adult classes. Children can check in at the bottom of the half-flight of stairs on the far side of the Welcome Center, and then you can take them to their classroom. We have a detailed policy to protect the safety of your children, and run background checks on all volunteers.

If you are here for adult Sunday School, the easiest thing is to join the big class in the Multipurpose room. We also have a class for women of all ages (the Spiritual Sisters class) and a book club which investigates all sorts of interesting topics.

Kid's Church

  • Babies (ages 0 - 2): A nursery is available to those who choose to use it during worship services. 
  • Children (age 3 - 1st grade): Children begin worship with the adults in the sanctuary and are invited to join Kid's Church after the opening worship set. They can be picked up by their parents after the service in the Orange room. Ask the ushers if you need directions.  Available at the 11:00 service only.


  • Feel free to call our office at 314-993-0015.
  • Please Contact Us by e-mail and we will get back to you ASAP.
  • Stop by our "Welcome Desk" in the main entrance.
  • Do not hesitate to ask the greeters, hosts, ushers, or any of our members.