Missions Supported

St. Paul’s supports the worldwide mission of Christ by giving approximately 20% of its annual budget each year to missions both home and abroad. We support these missions not only with financial commitment but also with personal relationships. Members of our church go to visit our foreign missionaries to give support, encouragement, prayer, and supplies to aid in their work.

Life Team

The Life Team is interested in a variety of issues where defenseless human beings are being put in peril, including infertility (crisis) pregnancy, abortion, parenting, adoption, foster care, elder care, and bioethics. A “pro-life” church is interested in people at all stages of life, including the unborn, orphans, those with special needs, the elderly, and those at the end of life.

Mission Trips

Besides visiting some of the missionaries we support, St. Paul’s has also organized several mission trips. Some of the trips that our members have participated in are: helping run an English camp in France, providing medical help to people in South America, helping with building repairs for our sister church in Berlin, Germany, and helping with relief in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. We are currently planning a work camp to help the impoverished in West Virginia.