Why I Love Christmas

I love Christmastime each year. I know a lot of you out there are bah-humbug types, ready for the season to end before it has even begun. I don’t care. I love Christmas, and I am gloriously unashamed of the magnificence of this unparalleled time in the annum. I wanted to give a top 7 list of why I love Christmas. Here we go.  

  1. Christmas is about priorities. We take some time off work. We clear out space for relationships, for family, for church. We turn off the TV to wrap some presents, or squeeze in a few hours here and there to think of what gifts would make people happy. We write a card to a friend, send an update to people on the state of our family. And we take off some work to make it happen, too.
  2. Christmas is cozy. I don’t know about you, but I take a couple extra trips to the coffee shop. I light up my wood burning fireplace and wrestle the kids on the carpeted basement floor. We cover ourselves with blankets while we sit on the couch and watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
  3. We spend money. I like spending money. I keep it pretty tight throughout the year, but this is the one month a year where I pull the goalie and spoil my family. I’m getting Luther and James a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. The review said that the new Mario Kart even had a way for the cars to autopilot, and that the littlest kids could play it. One mom said her four-year-old was laughing uncontrollably. I’m pretty psyched to spoil my kids a bit.
  4. I take some vacation. For me, work is a pretty constant grind from mid-August to the end of May. But even if I must put in some extra hours at work, I make sure that I can take some much-needed rest around Christmas. After the sprint to Christmas Day, I regroup for the next five-month push. I like to splurge on some really nice steaks that I cook for whichever family I happen to be staying with, and this year I am going to do some homemade buffalo wings for my in-laws too. My kids are ready to see dad, and I’m pumped for a week with them.
  5. Christmas is about Jesus. Really, this is the most important. Check these lyrics. ‘Mild he lays his glory by Born that man no more may die Born to raise the sons of earth Born to give them second birth Hark the herald angels sing Glory to the newborn king’ Just writing it causes tears to well up in my eyes. Christmas is actually about the big questions, the most important things, and a hope that lasts forever.