St. Paul’s Vision:  Love God / Love One Another / Love the Lost
– To Love God –
We seek to depend on God for all things.
– To Love One Another –
We seek hearts that strive to love and pursue each other.
– To Love the Lost –
We seek to be people of compassion, always looking for ways to love our neighborhood, city, and world.
St. Paul’s Church Logo
St. Paul’s logo incorporates both the cross (the head/knowledge  – the Truth that is Jesus) and our heart response (the Spirit-filled life).
The Double “C” on the left side stands for Creve Coeur. The heart is “broken” as a nod to Creve Coeur, which is French for “broken-heart”. There are many broken-hearted people in our community that need Jesus!
Our Values
– Worship
– The Bible
– The Holy Spirit – The Great Companion
– Love – The Great Commandment
– The Great Commission  Evangelism – Education – Equipping
– Prayer
– Empowering Leadership
– Stewardship