issions Supported

St. Paul’s supports the worldwide mission of Christ by giving approximately 20% of its annual budget each year to missions both home and abroad. We support these missions not only with financial commitment but also with personal relationships. Members of our church go to visit our foreign missionaries to give support, encouragement, prayer, and supplies to aid in their work.

Life Team  “Equipping our congregation to reflect God’s heart as champions of life”

St. Paul’s Life Team is a group of people with a heart for life and God’s affirming love. We meet every 4th Monday night of the month to discuss current life affirming issues and plan life affirming events.
Such events consist of, (but are not limited to):
Sanctity of Human Life Sunday held the 3rd Sunday in January
Prayer Life Chain held every year on the 1st Sunday in October
A special yearly collection from our congregation is taken to support ThriVe St. Louis.
Other life-affirming events when identified
St. Paul’s Life Team supports:
Thrive St. Louis – formerly PregnancyResourceCenter
ThriVe St. Louis is a Christ-centered organization that empowers
people to make life-affirming and healthy decisions about sex,
pregnancy and relationships. ThriVe St. Louis celebrates and promotes
the value and potential of human life by changing the conversation about
sex in our culture, helping teenagers make the Best decision about sex
and empowering women facing unplanned pregnancies to make life
affirming choices. For further information about ThriVe St Louis, go to
their website at
Churches for Life, which establishes, trains and supports Life Teams across the country. 
*Other fund raising events may occur as we find additional organizations to support.
If you would like more information about the St. Paul’s Life Team, join us at our next meeting
or contact Barbara van Dyk at: 314-610-3578

Mission Trips

Besides visiting some of the missionaries we support, St. Paul’s has also organized several mission trips. Some of the trips that our members have participated in are: helping run an English camp in France, providing medical help to people in South America, helping with building repairs for our sister church in Berlin, Germany, and helping with relief in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. We are currently planning a work camp to help the impoverished in West Virginia.