What is adult ministry?
Adult ministry is designed to nurture the spiritual formation of people ages 18 and up, empowering them to lead Christ-centered lives that demonstrate His love, grace, and truth. The fellowship and teaching we provide in adult ministry has an eternal, life-giving impact on our hearts which then overflows, flourishing the world around us. Many of our adult programs are separated into men’s and women’s categories with the exception of some of our Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) groups, some Sunday classes/groups, and our apologetics group. Click on an option below or continue reading to learn more about our opportunities!
Bible Study Fellowship
We have a couple different BSF groups that meet. One on Sunday mornings at 11a and one on Tuesday nights. The best way to get plugged in is to contact the church office. Here’s a taste of what BSF is like.

Reasonable Faith Chapter
Reasonable Faith is a non-profit organization that aims to train and equip Christians with intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious answers to important questions concerning the truth of the Christian faith. We have a Reasonable Faith Chapter that provides our local community with resources for and discussions of doctrine and apologetics which ultimately prepare participants to answer difficult questions in the public sphere. Watch the video to learn more about William Craig Lane, philosopher, apologist, and founder of Reasonable Faith.